I've never really had a very good relationship with my hair. My brown, leaning towards 'bronde' hair has never had any shape to it; its pin-straight, thick nature has meant spending the last few years endlessly attempting to curl it into something resembling textured and interesting: 

 This took far, far too long ^

This took far, far too long ^

With going to university in just around a month (eek!) it was time for a change. I'd been toying with the idea of a bob for a whole year, and while on a girls trip with my best friend Emilia in Stockholm, Sweden (in the picture below) she forced me to get over my hairdresser fear and have it cut. Now, this hairdresser fear isn't without evidence; I've actually only been to the hairdressers once in my life. Sadly, this wasn't due to a  rebellious phase or unfounded terror lasting upwards of eighteen years; my mum used to be a hairdresser and has been cutting my hair all my life. So, while nerve-wracking, I went from this: 

To this!

It feels really great to finally have a new hairstyle to work with! It feels so much lighter, and is far easier to style and take care of. 

As university looms over my shoulders and I start to get ready to leave for the US, i've been wondering just how much this has come as a desire to feel different for when I get to NYU. Before I got it cut, I think I was worried that changing my hair was changing who I was: like I would get there and not feel like myself, be in a different skin to the one i've cultivated over the last few years. To be honest, it's done the complete opposite; it just feels great. I'm still the same, just, y'know, without the split ends and constant deknotting.

I really recommend to anyone feeling like they're in a rut to try and cut their hair short - it's liberating and I think it'll be here to stay!

Talk soon,