I've never been one for jotting down memories. Diaries I've found from my younger years started almost as swiftly as they ended - enthusiastic and thought out first, but sooner or later turning into a few sentences scribbled onto crumpled paper. Even if they're short, I look over them fondly now; being able to pinpoint a specific moment of my life down to the finest of details is a great means of remembrance for a girl with as short a memory as me (even my diary is only reminding me that I had jam sandwiches on the 19th of August 2004). This blog is my attempt to bring solidify my memories, and collect them in a place that'll always be there as I embark on the the biggest change of my life thus far - university. Well - others things have happened to me as of now - but we'll get to that later. So, my name is Alex, and I am British, but currently living in Switzerland. Next year, I'll be in New York City, studying at NYU. 

This blog is to document that journey.