Hello again everyone! Mondays might be a complete drag, but there's no better way to bring spirits up than great songs. I've been finding some great new musicians in the last few weeks - and re-discovering old faves - so thought I would share them with you. 

Years and Years 

While I've been following Years and Years for, well, a few years; their most recent music has caught my interest. Their electronica and synthpop sound creates exciting and interesting combinations -  a current favourite is 'Shine', which i've posted above, but 'Memo', 'Real', and 'Eyes Shut' are also up there with the best of their material. Their new album 'Communion' comes out in a few weeks; I love every song thats already been released and can't wait for the rest of what Years and Years had to offer.  

Hayley Kiyoko 

I stumbled upon American singer Hayley Kiyoko a couple of days ago, and have proceeded to download all of her EP's from the past few years. Her songs are incredibly catchy and fun to listen to: especially my current favourite, 'Cliffs Edge' 

I can't wait to see what else she will bring out in the next few years - but for now I'll have 'Cliffs Edge' and 'Rich Youth' constantly on repeat. This playlist above is a great way to introduce yourself to her great music. 

John Newman 

I've loved John Newman's music for a long time - I went to his concert last year and it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to. His ability to connect with the audience and get them involved in his creative process through chanting and dance moves made the concert constantly surprising - there was never a dull moment. His new song, 'Come and Get It' has been in my head for days. His promises of a new album coming soon only adds to my excitement for his new material. 

And those are my recommendations for the start of this week! I'll be posting a couple of these Music Mondays every month; don't forget to come back every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday for new blog posts!